Thomas Fernandez

Founder Chairman and CEO

The PestBusters story cannot be told without Thomas Fernandez, who started the company in 1991, becoming an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling national author in the process.

Thomas Fernandez is a best-selling national author and an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple prestigious awards under his name. As the driving force behind PestBusters, he has led the company to exponential growth over the last two decades, expanding across Asia and beyond. He believes firmly in giving back to society and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in younger generations.

From the start of his career, Thomas Fernandez invested heavily in training his associates, empowering them with relevant knowledge so that they are able to deliver and keep clients happy. He continues to strongly believe that knowledge is power and as an entrepreneur, it is imperative to know every detail about one’s products and services and differentiate one’s business from that of competitors.

His passion for empowering future entrepreneurs saw him collaborating with another top entrepreneur in Singapore, Mr Sant Qiu, to publish a book in which he shares how he built PestBusters from humble foundations. The book also details the mindsets and strategies employed by some of the best entrepreneurs Singapore has to offer.More information is available here.