What is VaZzential?

VaZzential‘ is our unique brand name of insect repellent using essential oil. We specialize in repelling and prevention of infestations by insects and rodents, including cockroaches, lizards, ants and other irritating invasive insects. We have a wide range of bio-essential oil based repellants which comes with refill packs to provide you continuous holistic solution and yet cost saving.

Why essential oil?

Essential Oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. What many people don’t know is that essential oils can make a great addition to your premise pest control efforts.

Essential oils not only used for personal health and well-being, but help tackle pest problems. These scents not only keep the bugs away, but they can also be the key to fixing many pest-related health issues. It is safe and important for those who have young children and those are allergies to chemical compounds. Therefore, we have adopted this ancient best-kept knowledge and bringing you natural bio-insecticides that are not only effective but provide wellness benefits as well.

Like you, we are consumers too. As such, we ourselves demand nothing less than complete peace of mind when it comes to using insect repellents around our loved ones. We have long come to the conclusion that if it can kill insects instantly, it will probably kill us too in the long run.

Research has shown that 84% of cancers are linked to our lifestyle choices. That is why VaZzential products are using only the highest quality essential oils imported from UK and Australia under strict governance of respective regulatory on safety and sustainability.

Products Being Sold Under VAZZENTIAL

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1. RatZzaway

– Rodent Repellant

2. MoZzaway

– Mosquito Repellant

3. RoachZzaway

– Cockroach Repellant

4. LiZzaway

– Lizard Repellant


Rats are some of the smartest animals on the planet, but they are also one of the biggest disease-spreading pests around. That’s why so many people wonder how to get rid of rats in a natural, safe way, and that curiosity has spiked recently.

Rat poison also kills off wildlife that actually helps control the rodent population. So not only rodenticides do damage to the rodents themselves — they’re actually lethal to humans, pets and rodent predators. Beyond that, they can leech into food, water and the soil, compounding the damage.

Essential oils are tremendous for people wondering how to get rid of rats in a safe, non-toxic way.

Rats cannot take the odour of some herbal extracts, making it a safe, natural repellent that comes with no harm to humans or the animals. It can be quite potent to rats that have a very sensitive sense of smell. Rats dislike and fear minty and citrusy scents too.

RaZzaway is non-toxic liquid rat repellent. It is made with herbal extracts to repel rat. It works by blocking the environmental cues rats use to locate its food and water. By then, no dead rats issue to deal with. It is also use to eliminate odours by killing air borne germs. It comes with refill packs which provide consumers with more convenient and cost effective.

How do RATS cause damage to business premises?

–  Electrical damage

Rats bite through electrical wiring possibly causing short-circuit and fires.

–  Food contamination

Rat urine carries the dreaded leptospirosis virus which can transmit to humans via contaminated food and beverage.

–  Irreparable damage to your brand

Photos of rats on your premise taken by customers have the potential to go viral quickly, causing loss of business or worse, being shut down by local health authorities.

VaZzential – RatZzaway Slow Mist (for ground rats)

  • – Acts as an effective line of defense within the confines of the premises.
  • – One unit misting device covers 100sq ft 24-hr protection.
  • – Formulated using only 100% pure natural essential oils imported from UK and Australia.
  • – Child- and pet-safe.
  • – Blocks the chemosensors of rats inhabiting ground-level nests, incapacitating their ability to detect food and threats, forcing  them to migrate to safer nesting places.

Additional benefits:

  • – Easy to use, just switch on and let it work for you.
  • – Kills airborne germs, helps eliminate bad odours.
  • – No dead rats to worry about.


  • – Shelf Life : About 3 weeks .
  • – Coverage : 100sq/ft.
  • – Usage : Suitable for use in kitchen, store, shop, warehouse and restaurant.
  • – Content : 2 types of herbal essential oils and inert oils.
  • – Form : 45ml in PET bottle, plug in diffuser is excluded.

RATZZAWAY CRYSTAL ( for roof rats )

  • –  Acts as effective line of defense within the confines of ceiling space.
  • –  Eliminates nesting and breeding inside ceiling space.
  • –  24-hr protection.
  • –  Rats forced to stay away.
  • – Formulated using only 100% pure natural essential oils imported from UK and Australia.
  • –  Blocks the chemosensors of rats hiding in ceilings, incapacitating their ability to detect food and threats, forcing them to migrate to safer nesting places.

Additional benefits:

  • –  Easy to use, just spread crystals and let it work for you.
  • –  Can be used without plug point.
  • –  Hygienic; no contact with rats.
  • –  No dead rats to worry about.


  • – Weight: 120g/bag
  • – Area of Protection: 100sqft
  • – Lasts: About 1 month


Mosquitoes are a perennial problem, but it becomes especially acute during the warm summer months, especially in Malaysia with hot and humid throughout the whole year. The buzz and bite of mosquitoes can spoil an outdoor party and ruin a family gathering out in the garden or patio. Of late, they have become more than a nuisance, what with the diseases–some of them quite debilitating and deadly–spread by these pesky insects.

According to the Health Minister, despite all the anti-dengue efforts, the number of cases continues to increase significantly due to the weather condition, which has become rather conducive for mosquito breeding. The climate and temperature change could influence the population and behaviour of the vector mosquito carrying the virus, thus potentially increasing the virus’s replication at the same time. Warmer temperatures might increase the infestation by allowing mosquitoes’ larvae reach maturity much faster than usual, thus shorten the virus incubation period.

It has been found that essential oils work better at repelling mosquitoes than chemical spray which poses a toxicant health to every individual. Different essential oils work on the scent receptors of mosquitoes and also different types of mosquitoes may be sensitive to specific substances.

Not only does this mixture repel mosquitoes in a very effective way, but it also will make your home smell good and give it an aroma.

MoZzaway is non-toxic, made 2 herbal extracts of therapeutic grades for your total wellness and protection.  It brings 3 main benefits:

  • a. Repel mosquitoes by masking the environmental cues mosquitoes used to locate victims.
  • b. Helps against bronchitis, cold sores, cold, coughing, fever, flu, poor circulation and sinusitis.
  • c. Helps in eliminates air-borne germs, leaving you with a cleaner air.

How do MOSQUITOES affect your business premises?

Transmission of harmful diseases

  • – Some mosquitoes are vectors for diseases.
  • – They may transmit deadly diseases like dengue and malaria from one human or animal to another after feeding off an infected host

Nuisance to your customers and employees

  • – Everybody hates mosquito bites​.

Vazzential Mozzaway

  • – Repels mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases, some of the commonly found mosquito-borne diseases in South East Asia includes the likes of dengue fever, Zika Virus Infection, and Malaria,
  • – Blocks the chemosensors of mosquitoes, incapacitating their ability to detect food and threats, forcing them to migrate to other nesting places.
  • – Just plug it in and switch-on for 24 hours.

Additional benefits:

  • – Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • – Acts as air disinfectant by eliminating airborne germs.
  • – Formulated using only pure essentials oils imported from UK and Australia.
  • – Non-toxic; child- and pet-safe.

Lemon Eucalyptus is the active ingredients in Mozzaway which is the best alternative to DEET (diethyltoluamide).


  • – Shelf Life : 3 weeks plus
  • – Coverage : 100sq/ft
  • – Usage : Suitable for use in home, office and restaurant
  • – Content : Up to 2 herbal essential oils and lavender fragrance
  • – Form : 45ml in PET bottle, vaporizer heater is included


Cockroaches are social insects that usually live in groups. Cockroaches emit pheromones that leave chemical odours in their faeces and on their bodies. These pheromones serve as means of communication for the insects. The odour of the pheromone causes the roaches to cluster together in a harbourage area. Identified by the two dark stripes on their back, the German roach is the most common invader. They are also notorious for spreading more illnesses and allergic reactions than their kin.

Roaches enter premise in search of food, water and shelter.  Once they have infested an area, they can multiply quickly, posing a threat to your comfort and health.  It is important to get rid of cockroaches before an infestation occurs. Roaches are known to carry bacteria that result in food poisoning, diarrhoea, allergies and skin rashes.

Over the past few decades, extermination services have discovered that pesticides and poisons have become increasingly ineffective against the cockroach. Their highly adaptable nature and ability to develop resistance or immunity over several generations has become a major issue.  Getting rid of them naturally not only keeps your family / customer from being exposed to harmful chemicals, but it can also prevent the problem from reoccurring. When you diffused with herbal extract scent around your premise, you mask the scent trails which cockroaches and other bugs use to hunt for their food.  It would eventually be reducing and preventing cockroaches from invading to your premise.

RoachZzaway is non-toxic to repel living or dead roaches, roach faeces, saliva, cast skins, cockroach eggs and their decaying body.  Aeroallergans are the main cause for respiratory and neuro in ections. RoachZzaway is safe and reduces the aerollergans emitted by roaches that causes whizzing in young children.

How do COCKROACHES affect your business premises?


  • – Cockroaches live and feed in areas like drains and garbage dumps that harbor dangerous bacteria.
  • – They carry and transmit diseases like typhoid and dysentery, among others.
  • – They contaminate uncovered food when they come into contact with it.
  • – Cockroach antigens are also known to be health hazards to asthma sufferers.

VaZzential RoachZzaway

  • – Eliminates nesting and breeding.
  • – Eradicates food contamination.
  • – Blocks the chemosensors of cockroaches, incapacitating their ability to detect food and threats, forcing them to migrate to safer nesting places.
  • – Reduces the spreading of aeroallergens and antigens in the air.

Additional benefits:

  • – Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • – Formulated using only pure essentials oils imported from UK and Australia.
  • – Food-safe, can even be placed near food.
  • – Non-toxic; child- and pet-safe.


  • – Shelf Life : Last for about 3 weeks
  • – Coverage : 100sq/ft
  • – Usage : Suitable for use in car, toilet, cabinet, storeroom and kitchen offices etc
  • – Content : 3 kinds of essential oils, polymer gel, natural ethanol, emulsifier and preservatives
  • – Form : 50gm in twistable container


Most people want to know how to get rid of lizards when they see one scurrying away when they turn on the light. Even though lizards do a great job of eating lots of insects and bugs in your premise, they are unwelcome guests that few people want. However, most lizards don’t do any harm and won’t bite you. They are generally small creatures and can get into premises through tiny cracks in walls, window frames, and through vent pipes.

There are some reasons to remove these crawling creatures naturally. Many reptiles, including lizards, carry salmonella and can make you sick if you become infected with the stomach bug. Also, many homeowners get a fright when they see small irritating lizards or geckos quickly darting across worktops, along walls, or over the floor.

Because they are beneficial for the environment, you should not try to get rid of lizards by killing them. There are many non-lethal ways to repel lizards from your premise and make your place less inviting for the four-legged reptiles.

LiZzaway is non-toxic powder form lizard repellent. It is made entirely with natural and bio-degradable minerals and essential oils.  It is user friendly, hygienic and non-toxicants. No messy trapping or killing which will lead to more problems such as ants and maggots.

How do LIZARDS affect your business premises?

​Prevent transmission of dangerous diseases

  • – Lizards get around everywhere within your premises.
  • – Lizard droppings are not only unsightly, they can also contaminate food that are left uncovered.
  • – Lizards live an average of 10 years. (That’s a lot of droppings!)

Fear of LIZARDS !!! (Herpetophobia)​​

  • – Nobody likes lizards around their customer/ working premises.

VaZzential LIZzaway

  • – Repels lizards on your premises.
  • – Blocks the chemosensors of lizards, incapacitating their ability to detect victims and threats, forcing them to search out safer places.
  • – Eliminates nesting and breeding.
  • – Eradicates food contamination from lizard droppings.
  • – No more unsightly dropping stains around your premises.
  • – Each sachet lasts up to 2 months once opened.

Additional benefits:

  • – Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • – Formulated using only pure essentials oils imported from UK and Australia.


  • – Shelf Life : 2 months.
  • – Coverage : 100sq/ft.
  • – Usage : Kitchen, cabinet, dining room offices
  • – Content : Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate and herbal extracts.
  • – Form : 20gm powder/sachet, packed in pillow box.

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