The threat posed by termites is too often overlooked – until they strike. Eradicating a sustained termite infestation can be a frustrating and expensive process, but failing to take action against termites can put the structural integrity of your property in jeopardy. Fortunately, PestBusters offers complete solutions for termite-proofing structures in the pre-construction phase, as well as the most effective post-construction methods used to decimate termite colonies.

TEP Baiting

Termite Elimination Program (TEP) is one of the most palatable termite baits that is designed to ensure interception with foraging termite patterns.

TEP Bait contains non-bleached alpha cellulose because it is a food to termite and inert ingredients that help to attract the termites.

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Inspection Tools


The MEP is use in measuring non-invasive moisture measurement and detection in a wide range of building materials. The instrument operates on the principle that the impedance of a material varies in proportion to its moisture content.

The two co-planar conductive rubber electrodes mounted on the base of the MEP are lightly pressed on the wood or material sample to detect/measure moisture.

The low frequency alternating electric field can penetrates to a depth approximately 1 ¼ Inches.

Electronic Stethoscope EM410 Noise Detector

The electronic stethoscope is a tool to inspect noise and vibration that uses a piezoelectric transducer which can detect very low resonant noises which able to locate the source of the active termite during thorough inspection.

The enclosure of the stethoscope is made of ABS plastic which is comfortable to hold and operate.

The earpiece is equipped with an adjustable headset that has a 200cm cable.

Instrument Face