Who We Are

PestBusters was founded in 1991 in Singapore and later expanded to Malaysia, providing comprehensive pest management solutions to homes, businesses, and industries. Our team's expertise and dependable service make us the perfect partner for any organization seeking effective pest control, regardless of size or industry.
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Our Mission

We focus on sustainable integrated pest management solutions and offer our clients high-quality service by building a Servant-Spirited Culture. This means we are committed to not only eradicating pests but also improving the lives of the people we serve.

We achieve this by creating safe, clean, and pest-free environments, allowing families and businesses to live and operate comfortably and in good health.

Our Values

Culture of Humility

At PestBusters, we value being humble in our business. This means being respectful and encouraging to our teams and not being afraid to admit when we make mistakes so we can fix them. We also believe in treating others with importance to provide the best service to our stakeholders. Being humble also means being respectful of our competition and staying vigilant. Above all, we remember that our strength comes from the Lord, and we must honor Him by putting our best efforts into our work.

Culture of Fearlessness

During challenging times, we choose to remain grateful and resilient. We know that it’s up to us to learn, improve and become better. We don’t hesitate to take action, even when it’s difficult. We make commitments and honor them with sincerity, delivering on our promises. Our steadfast choice is to anchor ourselves in the virtues of faith, hope, and love.

Culture of Trustworthiness

Our company always strives to provide reliable, top-quality products and services that our clients appreciate. We take pride in our team and work hard to improve our services and move forward continuously. Our commitment to excellence is a vital part of who we are.

Why Choose Us?

Intelligent Pest Management
Global Technical Expertise
Advanced Technology through Innovations
Top-notch Quality Assurance

Join our growing team

Our people are the heart and soul of our business. This team makes our work possible, and the better we work, the better the world we live in.

Join us in making lives better today.

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